My name is Holly Denham and I'm a freelance artist self-teaching myself from the start. From an early age, I always loved art and it only grew over time to become a bigger passion of mine.
    I went through phases of drawing themes since about 5th grade, where I primarily stuck to drawing dinosaurs and monkeys, then proceeded to draw Disney characters and started replicating other fantasy themed art that I loved to try to push my skills. 
   I went through a long phase where I used to get so stuck drawing so light that not many people could even tell what I was drawing, so over time, I've tried to break that habit, which I'm glad I did :) Once I hit about 9th grade, I started to dedicate more time to it, and wanted to learn more. I wanted to take as many art classes as I could in school, but I ended up graduating a year and a half early and visited England after I graduated for 7 weeks. In some ways, I wish I had stayed just so I could take more of the classes that I wanted and looked forward to, but I was dedicated, took 10 online classes alongside my regular work in my 10th and 11th grades and graduated half-way through my junior year.
   So...since then, on and off I would make a little more time, stop for a while, and repeated the process because things always got busy, which is a normal part of life. It wasn't until 2016 that I really made a big choice to jump in and treat it like a job and give it more of the time that it needs to grow and develop further. In July of 2016, I did a mini-show put on at a local school that one of the students put together as a miniature comic con, which was neat and was happy that I got invited to. 
   It was a big deal for me to kind of showcase my artwork for the first time in front of other people, especially people I didn't know. But the experience inspired me and I went on to show at Cincy Comincon in September of 2016 and busted out a bunch of new work for the event, some of which I still love, others that I now tuck away in the back of my portfolio :]
   It's been kind of a slow journey up to this point, and I'm very happy to be able to invest myself as much as I can into this passion that I've always had and to be able to learn new things, discover what does and doesn't work, generate some new characters and concepts, and to see others who enjoy either watching or participating in the journey too. 
   I enjoy sharing my work, as vulnerable as it can sometimes feel, and I aim to be as authentic to who I am, on different levels on my social media for my art. I enjoy discovering new fellow artists and being inspired by so many different styles. It's amazing!!! 
 If you follow me on my social media accounts, especially Instagram @holly.denham , you'll likely see all my weirdness and many different layers of myself, which translates into my art as well. Feel free to ask me questions or shoot up a conversation, I am a very real person, and love a good conversation. If you like my work, feel free to share and spread word :)