Holiday Grab Bags

From now until Christmas Day, these grab bags will be available for purchase. 

There are three options: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Inside each size:

Silver: 5 8x10 prints *chosen randomly* and a free sticker
Gold: 5 11x14 prints *chosen randomly* and sticker(s)
Platinum: 5 11x17 prints *chosen randomly* and free stickers

One of the silver options is a Jurassic Park fan bundle (first come, first serve on this one) and if that's your preference, leave a note in your purchase.

There is one big bundle that I'm calling the "Ultimate JP Bundle" for the Jurassic Park fan on your list *even if that's yourself!!!*


In spirit of the Holidays, 50% of all sales from these grab bags will be donated to Toys for Tots in Cincinnati to help children in low-income families during the Holidays.

These items (as half of it is for charity) do not apply to the "HOLLYJOLLY" coupon code. If you wish to add more to the donation, you can do so in my "Commissions" tab and enter "Charity" in the comments!!! 

There is a limited number of these grab bags, so grab them before they sell out!!

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